Ceiling Plasterboard Hanging Tools
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"A totally original design concept that has transformed the method of hanging
heavy plasterboard panels to ceiling joists."

NEW IMPROVED DESIGNS & MORE OPTIONS - Our new and improved plasterboard tools allow just ONE PERSON to fit FULL-SIZE plasterboards to ceilings. These innovative tools take all the hard work out of putting a FULL 2400mm x 1200mm x 12.5mm sheet of plasterboard, weighing 25kg up onto ceiling joists of up to 50mm (2”) wide ready for fixing. Other units to fit 75mm (3”) and 100mm (4”) are also available upon request, please contact us for bespoke sizes. We have now just introduced a new addition to our range - the OVER-BOARD HANGER SET. This new tool is specifically designed for
over-boarding existing ceilings with suitable timber joists or for double boarding ceilings to help comply with fire & building regulations.

Ceilingboard Hanger
Overboard Ceiling Hanger
Ceilingboard and Overboard Hanger Kit

Plasterboard and Joist Clamps

Plasterboard Existing Ceilings with this innovative tool
Plasterboard New and Existing Ceilings

£49.99 SALE £44.99
Allows One-Man installation of full-size
plasterboards to ceiling joists with total ease

£49.99 SALE £39.99
Allows One-Man installation of full-size
plasterboards to existing ceilings

£59.99 SALE £54.99
Our Combo Kit includes both our best-selling
Ceilingboard Hanger & Over-Board Hanger

Ceilingboard Hanger Reviews

To use, just securely fix the two plasterboard clamps on to the short side of the board about 200mm in from each side.

Next, fit the two joist clamps on the joist where the board is to be fixed, in a similar manner positioned to correspond with the board clamps. Then bring the board along, raising it at the same time so the clamp sets meet and lock together. Gently push the board upwards from the bottom and finally secure to the ceiling joists with a pre-made T-bar - the board is now in place ready for screwing to the joists.

From the opposite end to the clamps, start fixing. When 3/4 of the board is secure, undo the clamps & slide them off ready for the next board. No heavy lifting is required, no large lifting jack-up tables, no more dropped and damaged boards, and less chance of neck and back injuries.

  • Our revolutionary new plasterboard hanging tools offer a number of significant benefits when undertaking the extremely difficult task of fitting plasterboard to joists and existing ceilings.
  • The clamps will allow one person to hold and align the panels in position - saving on expensive double-labour costs associated with this type of work.
  • The ceilingboard hanger clamping system is designed to enable an installer to fit full-size 2400mm x 1200mm x 12.5mm plasterboard panels (25KG) onto ceiling joists of up to 50mm (2") wide single handed. Sets to suit 3” (75mm) and 4” (100mm) timber joists are also available by bespoke order. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • The ceilingboard hanger clamps are compact and portable (easily fit in pockets or belt hung).
  • Comprises of two clamps that quickly attach to the edge of the plasterboard, and two clamps to attach to the joists.
  • When attached, simply bring the board up and along until the clamps align and clip together. The plasterboard can then be gently pushed (hinged) upwards and is it automatically square with the joists.
  • The plasterboard is now positioned ready for screwing to the joists.
  • No heavy lifting required.
  • We are pleased to now also offer an Over-Board Hanging Tool, and a Combo Set comprising of both our best-selling Ceilingboard Hanger and Over-Board Hanger, making all your plasterboard fitting light work.

Each plasterboard can now be fitted in minutes and the “quick clamp and hinge and push” method can be used to complete the whole ceiling. Small board areas have never presented a problem when finishing off and the clamps are not needed in this instance.

The clamps are quality made in England of zinc electro-plated steel and are strong and durable for building site works and DIY enthusiasts alike. They can be carried on your belt and pack away easily in your toolbox. No plastic is used and no screwing plates or similar to joists is required prior to the heavy lifting of a board. These quality clamp sets are rapidly becoming the tool of choice for the building trade and repay their initial outlay in a very short space of time in labour costs alone. They are ideal for small companies and are essential for one man building operations and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The Ceilingboard Hanger will enable one man to carry out this difficult task rapidly and at the same time help to reduce the risk of long term neck and back injuries. The all-new must-have tool for every plasterer, buy yours exclusively from the Ceilingboard Hanger Company and start saving time and money today.
Top Tips when using the revolutionary new Ceilingboard Hanger:

Always keep the work area clean and tidy - makes working so much easier.
Make sure all clamps are tight and securely fixed.
Have a pre-made T-bar ready in case you need one.
No need to fix locating plates prior to lifting the board - no need to lift the board at all.
The Ceilingboard Hanger's clamps automatically locate the boards across the joist ready for the next board.
You will wonder how you ever managed without the Ceilingboard Hanger

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