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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which tool should I buy?

The Original Ceiling Board Hanger - Choose this tool if you are looking to fit plasterboards up onto exposed timber joists quickly and single-handedly without the need of any jacking or lifting equipment. Click here to buy.

The Over-Board Hanger - Choose this tool if you wish to fit new plasterboards onto an existing ceiling without removing the old ceiling. This process is also known as 'over-boarding' and is commonly used on older buildings during restoration projects, and/or to help meet fire and building regulations. Click here to buy.

The Ceiling Board and Overboard Kit - Choose this great value combination kit if you want the benefit of being able to fit plasterboards onto exposed joists as well as being able to over-board an existing ceiling. This combo kit includes both our best-selling Original Ceiling Board Hanger and Over-Board Hanger, and offers a massive saving over buying both tools separately.
Click here to buy.

Q. Can the ceiling board hangers be used for smaller boards other than full sheets?

A. Yes. The clamp sets are designed to take all sizes of boards up to 12.5mm x 2400mm x 1200mm.

Q. What is the maximum width of joist your clamps will accommodate?

A. The clamps will work on joists of up to 50mm (2") thick, which is the typical standard width of joist used in houses throughout the United Kingdom. If your joists are wider than this, or if you are in a different country where your joists are slightly different to those normally used in the United Kingdom, please contact us to discuss our bespoke sizing options.

Q. Are the clamp sets heavy?

A. No, each pair only weigh approximately 800gm.

Q. Are the ceiling board hangers bulky items?

A. No. They will quite easily fit in your side pockets when working with them and take up minimal room in a tool box.

Q. Do the clamp sets come with a warranty, and are spares readily available?

A. Yes. The ceilingboard hangers come with a 12-month warranty and spare parts are readily available.

Q. Are the ceiling board hangers made of lightweight plastics or metal?

A. Both clamp sets are made of heavy duty zinc electro-plated steel for durability.

Q. Can the ceiling board hangers damage the plasterboards when fitting?

A. No, each plasterboard clamp is fitted with an anti-compression plate to alleviate damage.

Q. Are the ceiling board hangers an expensive plasterboard tool to buy?

A. Certainly not, and they should recoup their initial outlay in labour costs alone by one man operation after fitting only a few boards.

Q. The average 12.5mm board weighs about 25kg, don’t they need two people to get the board up to the ceiling?

A. Not any more, the unique design of the ceilingboard hanger allows just one person alone to easily fit plasterboard to ceilings.

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