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Our Best-Selling Ceilingboard Hanger is now available with our New Overboard Hanger Tool as a great-value set,
allowing you to install plasterboards to both new and existing ceilings singlehandedly, all with just the one tool.

The all-new simple way to install new plasterboard to existing ceilings (known as over-boarding) single-handedly. A standard 2400mm x 1200mm x 12.5mm sheet of plasterboard is a bulky and heavy (approx 25kg) item of building materialn used to finish off ceilings. In older buildings it is often easier to over-board an existing ceiling compared to taking down the old plasterboards. This process involves installing new plasterboards to the existing plasterboard, however the task of getting the new plasterboards up and securely fixed to the existing ceiling has always been a labour-intensive two-man job - until now. Introducing the All-New Over-Board Hanger Tool

The installation of plasterboards to existing ceilings can now be completed simply by one person with little or no risk of injury to themselves and in a fraction of the time it takes two operatives. The Over Board Hangers are made in England of high-quality, heavy duty zinc-plated steel for strength and durability. They consist of two plasterboard clamps which quickly attach to the edge of the plasterboard, and two fixing plates (in the case of over-boarding) which attach to the joists. The pair connect and create a hinge that allows you to walk the board up to the existing ceiling and hold in place with a T-Bar.

Price: £59.99 SALE £49.99

Owning This Ultimate Combo Set Means:

  • No struggling with heavy boards
  • No more lifting and balancing large heavy plasterboards
  • Reduce your chances of injury
  • These clamps locate the plasterboards exactly ready for the next board
  • Everything you need to fit plasterboard to new AND existing ceilings


  • These revolutionary new plasterboard tools offer a number of significant benefits when undertaking the extremely difficult task of lifting large heavy sheets of plaster boards up to ceiling joists.
  • The patented clamps are designed to enable one person to raise full sized 2400mm x 1200mm x 12.5mm plasterboard sheets weighing 25kg, up to the joists and into position ready to be fixed in the usual manner.
  • This method saves double-labour costs and at the same time helps to reduce the risk of injury to back, neck, shoulders and arms.
  • All our hanger sets are compact and portable, easily fit in pockets or can be belt-hung. Designed to work on joists up to 2” (50mm). Sets to suit 3” (75mm) and 4” (100mm) timber joists are also available by bespoke order. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • This great value money-saving combination set comprises of two board clamps which quickly attach to the edge of the plaster board and two clamps which attach to the joists, together with two over-board plate hanger brackets. The latter are specifically designed for use when over-boarding an existing ceiling with suitable joists without all the mess involved in removing the existing ceiling. They are particularly useful for double-boarding integral garages to help comply with building/fire regulations.
  • When attached, simply bring the board up and along until the clamps and hooks align and clip together. The plasterboard can then be gently pushed (hinged) upwards by hand and held in place with a ready-made “T” bar. It is then automatically square with the joists and in position ready for screwing firmly in place.
  • No heavy lifting has been required.
  • The plasterboard sheets can now be fitted in minutes and the “QUICK CLAMP, HINGE AND PUSH” method can be used to complete the whole ceiling. Small board areas have never presented a problem when finishing off and the clamps are not needed in this instance.
  • The clamps are quality made in England of heavy duty zinc-electroplated steel and are strong and durable for building site works and DIY enthusiasts alike. No plastic is used in any of our tools in this heavy board-lifting operation, just heavy-duty steel for strength and durability. The all-new must have tool for everyone contemplating this type of work. Buy yours now from the Ceiling Board Hanger Company and start saving time money and your future health right away.

Customer Comments - Overboard Hanger

Six other great reasons you should buy the Ceilingboard and Overboard Hanger Combo Set -

1. You now only need one person to install plasterboards to both new and existing ceilings when traditionally it has always been a two person job. The second operative can now be more productive doing another job. Also, they are ideal for small and one man building operations and DIY fans alike.

2. The Hangers are made in England, helping to support our own industries.

3. The tools are made from heavy quality zinc-plated steel, meaning they are more hardwearing, built to last and take the abuse of the construction industry.

4. Large expensive jacking tables are no longer required, meaning you save on space, time and costs.

5. The Ceiling and Overboard Hanger tool is a low cost tax deductable item.

6. Any initial costs are soon repaid, increasing your profit margins.

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